Karleen Paquette is an experienced presenter, workshop facilitator, researcher, instructor, consultant and coach.  She CSC_0806has conducted a number of workshops and seminars in Denmark and in the USA, including offering various services to local businesses and international companies to help improve employee relations and retention of foreign employees.

To her credit:  In her earlier employment in California, she created academic curriculum and provided bi-monthly staff presentations within a family medicine residency program at a large public hospital. 

She was also the developer & coordinator of a new pilot program in diabetes for a bio-psycho-social program in the Endocrinology Department of large private medical center. 

She has taught psychology classes at a Los Angeles county university.  More recently in Denmark, she has been a guest lecturer at Mariager College (Højskole) and presenter at Fydensberg Efterskole in Mariager. 

Upcoming presentations:  

To be announced

Here are a few of her previous presentations: 

Sept 15, 2017    Bridging the Communication Gap: Learning how language barriers can be overcome between co-workers from different cultural backgrounds– for ICM start-up company, Aalborg

December 1, 2016   Overall wellness:  Taking Care of Our Whole Selves, with special attention on the expat– for InterNations at Huset Trønjborg,  Aarhus

February 28, 2016    Anxiety and Depression in Young People : The Silent Struggle — for Frydensberg Efterskole, Mariager

June 10, 2015    Intercultural Relationships: Life Outside the Comfort Zone— for UIC, Aarhus University

October 23, 2013    Effective Use of the Bio-Psycho-Social Model in Diabetes Treatment –for Steno Research Center, Gentoft Hotel