Leave For Stress

My boss was harassing me at work and I had to go on sick leave for the stress. I looked forward to coming to Karleen’s office because I felt hopeful that I could get through this.


Abusive Husband

My kids and I both saw Karleen for some months after I left my abusive husband and filed for divorce. It was really helpful to have my own individual sessions to deal with the pain and try to regain my life. It was also really encouraging that after some time in counseling, my kids started to smile more, they were not fighting with each other as much, or arguing with me like before. There was a lot less stress at home. But what really surprised me, was when their teachers said that after some months of counseling, they were not the same kids as before. I felt like I had my family back.


Different Therapists

I had almost given up on therapy and on life.  I just had a major operation and I was in a lot of pain–physically and emotionally.  I tried many different therapists and couldn’t find one a good one.  I was so glad I found Dr. Karleen.  She has helped me so much.


Difficult Family Crisis

I recently had a difficult family crisis. Karleen’s counseling assisted me in viewing my problems from a more neutral, unemotional perspective which enabled me to make difficult and well thought out decisions to resolve the issue.  I believe her experience and expertise can assist people in similar circumstances and bring peace to their minds.


*Note:  Clients' real names have been changed to protect their confidentiality