I have specialty training in Health Psychology, so I may use a ‘wholistic’  psychology-symbol within 2 facesbody-mind-emotion-spiritual approach to treatment when dealing with physical conditions, chronic illness, and emotional problems.

The reason is.. sometimes when we are not in touch with our feelings (i.e.feeling numb/ detached) or just the opposite (i.e feel flooded/ overwhelmed) by them.  As a result, we may start to experience physical problems, such as body pains, headaches, stomach aches, problems sleeping, etc. because they are not being expressed in an appropriate outlet or we may resort to physical outlets (i.e. self-injury) to address the hurt.

In addition, if we only try to treat physical symptoms by using medicine, drugs, alcohol or other ‘quick fixes,’ without dealing with the underlying psychological aspects within ourselves, then the physical symptoms may only be stopped/avoided temporarily, and new problems can also arise (ie. addictions, dependency).  

My role is to help examine the root of the problem, and not only address the symptoms, but mainly treat the cause to help the person truly heal from the inside-out.