Online therapy worldwide/ Telehealth

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Worldwide clients can get therapy as needed with advantage of the flexibility of a global location, within different time zones, availability of more appointment options– including weekdays, evenings, and some weekends.
Meet on different platforms:  Skype, ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Discord, Telegram, etc. 


For Skype:    Find my ID:  DocKarleen and add me as a contact to get started.

  • The Skype sessions are the same as a regular 50-60  min therapy appointment, regardless of internet connection time.
  • Payments can be made by: Mobile Pay (+45 5355 2932) or arranged by Bank Transfer (request Danish/ international bank details) or by Wise. com —preferably paid in advance : 5-30 mins prior to scheduled appt time.
  • Please keep your  Skype Instant Messenger (IM) window open during the session so we can maintain written contact if we lose connection or have technical problems, this way we can still communicate with one another, otherwise if Skype is not working properly –I will call or SMS you immediately to complete our session.
  • If you want to connect directly with me on Skype, you can go through my website. On my Home page, look under my picture on right side of page for the Skype icon and click it. You will be directly sent to my Skype address.