Ryesgade 10, 1 
8000 Aarhus C

How to get to the office: 

My office in Aarhus is located 3 minutes walk from the main train station in the heart of the city on main walking street (Søndergade) and quite easy to reach by all modes of transportation.  

Coming from the main train station & Bruuns Galleri:  Walk straight down past shops until you reach Frellsens chocolate store and Tøj Eksperten.  Find the #10 above the outside glass door– located right next to Frellsens and look for the NeuroTeam sign.

The outside glass door is unlocked during the day, but it is a little heavy so push to enter building or ring doorbell  (for 1st floor) after 18.00.  Walk up stairs where you will again find the NeuroTeam sign on 1st floor door, which should also be unlocked otherwise ring doorbell.

Please let yourself in to the waiting room and have a seat. Feel free to help yourself to some refreshments.