Rebates and Cancellations

Understanding the Danish health care system:  Psychological services in Denmark are not free  (such as visiting a medical doctor),  because they are not covered by the public health care system (which actually is not free — because it has been paid by every income earner through  their high taxes). 

All psychologists charge a fee for psychotherapy / counseling service (average 800-1000kr/per 50 min session).  There are a limited number of psychologists who have the ability to bill the state for some of the costs of services because they have obtained a state number (ydernummer).

If your medical doctor (GP) gives you a doctor’s referral (læge henvisning) to see a psychologist– then you can use this referral to try to get an appt with a psychologist with this state number to help with some of the costs…but there are certain disadvantages you should know.

Disadvantages:  There are  not very many psychologists with state numbers– therefore, they usually have long 3-6 month wait lists to see clients, many can not offer therapy in English, and you still must pay 42% of normal fee yourself.

I do not have a state number (ydernummer), so I can not for bill the state for any services.  However, there are a number of advantages with working with me.


1. Rebate: Offered to Danmark Sygeforskiring members (no doctor referral needed– inquire further for more info)
2.  All private insurance companies accepted in Denmark and worldwide
3.  High qualifications  (Ph.D, education from USA  & 20 years experience)
4.  No waiting list
5.  4 Locations:  Aalborg, Randers, Aarhus & online
5.  Speak English or Danish
6.  Better understanding of the foreigner’s perspective/ challenges

Private health insurance is accepted by me from various companies including:  Prescriba, SOS, Dania, Møldrup, Sundsikring Danmark, etc. These companies offer special rates and some full cover services or give reimbursements.  Ask me for more information.


Cancellations can be communicated by email or phone or SMS . They must be made at least 24 hours before your scheduled visit or session (including Skype sessions).  This allows time for rescheduling with another client.  Otherwise, you will be charged for the full session price. Of course, I will consider a cancellation without penalty, due to an unforseen emergency situation on rare occasions.  Thank you. I appreciate your cooperation.