Rebates and Cancellations

Psychological services in Denmark are not free, but can be affordable when you know the facts…

Understanding the Danish system It is confusing to both Danes and foreigners how the public health care system works in Denmark, because when visiting a medical doctor– you wont be asked to pay for the appt… but that is because taxpayers have already paid into the medical system to cover the costs. 

Seeking therapy with a doctors referral:

(if you meet the qualifications) you can either see a psychologist within your private insurance network from your employers insurance or a psychologist in the public system to get some of the cost covered, up to 10 sessions.

All private psychologists charge a fee for psychotherapy/ psychological services ( an average is 900-1300kr/ per 50 min session) & price may depend on location (higher fees in CPH/Zealand than in Jutland) & psychologists’ education/ experience/ specialty areas.

But there are  a limited number of psychologists in different locations throughout Denmark who have a set fee ( state-regulated at 850-900kr/ per 50 min session). Because they have acquired a special state number (ydernummer), they can offer (tilskud) to bill the state for some of the costs of services (60%), and charge the client, the remaining 40% fee

See info here:

NOTE: The advantage of using a psychologist with a state number is that you will only pay about 40% of the costs.

NOTE: The disadvantages of using a psychologist with a state number is there a lot fewer psychologists with state numbers ( only about 15%) compared to the large number of clients who want services. Therefore they have long wait lists ( 6 month- 1 year/longer) and do not all practice in different languages, and they may not be a good fit for the client. 

NOTE:  I do not have a state number (ydernummer), so I can NOT for bill the state for any psychological services, yet there are a number of advantages with working with me.


Advantages for getting therapy with me:

1.  Rebate available for Danmark Sygeforskiring members (no doctor referral needed)
2.  Authorized to work with private insurance companies in Denmark & worldwide
3.  High qualifications  (Ph.D education from USA  & 20 years experience)
4.  Short/ no waiting list  & Free 20 min consultation to new clients
5.  3 Locations in Denmark:  Aalborg, Randers, Aarhus & Online globally
5.  Therapy offered in English & Danish
6.  Better understanding of the foreigner’s perspective & challenges

Most all private health insurance is accepted– including:  Skandia, Dania, Mølholm, SOS, Dansk Sundhedssikring, Top Danmark,  etc. These companies offer special rates and some full cover services or give reimbursements.  Inquire about more information.


Cancellations can be communicated by email or phone or SMS—at least 24 hours before your scheduled session (including online sessions).  

This allows time to offer the session to another client.  Otherwise, you will be charged for half / up to full session price – depending on circumstance.   I appreciate your cooperation.